Back from the Faroe Islands

End of April, we were able to visit the Faroe Islands for 9 days. The island is a hidden gem. We have had many days with dramatic weather changes, from snow to sunny weather, we have experienced everything, many times, within the same day. I'm proud to present the photos in my Faroe Islands gallery. I hope you like the pictures. 

From Copenhagen, we had a flight to the Faroe Islands, to the only airport in Vagar. Vagar airport has approximately only 9 landings and startings each day and is very small. We took our rental car and drived to our first guest house in the near proximity. As there were some hours to sunset, we made ourselves comfortable and explored a little bit the island Vagar. For sunset, we wanted to capture Gasadalur, a famous waterfall that flows directly into the sea. It was great to be there. 

On the next morning, there was snowfall and the sky was grey. I still tried to get up and make my way to the next photo location. Unfortunately, the road conditions were very bad and the sky did not clear up. Later on in the day, we walked to Leitisvatn which is a 2 hours walk. Leitisvatn is on a lake above the sea and is always impressive. We also visited Thorshavn which is the capital of the Faroe Islands, a very small city, but nice to see.

The next day, we made our way up to the island of Eysturoy where we’ve had our guesthouse in Gjogv, a very little village in a fjord. Gjogv is very nice and has spectacular views to the coast and mountains of Gjogv. We stayed for three days and visited Saksun, Funningur, Tjornuvik and further scenic places. Also in these days it was snowing a bit, but the weather improved the next days.

For the next three days, we’ve had our Air BnB in the second largest city of Faroe Islands, in Klaksvik, where we stayed in a beautiful renovated old boathouse. From Klaksvik, we were able to explore and take pictures of the northern part of the islands, namely the beautiful village Vidareidi with it’s beautiful little chapel or Kalsoy which is only accessible by ferry.

After three nights, we made our way back to Vagar where we stayed another night, trying again to capture a beautiful mood at Gasadalur. The next day, we already had to leave Faroe Islands, with a bunch of beautiful pictures to develop.