Back from Finland

Last week, I had the chance to travel to Finnish Lapland for some days with two friends to take photos of frozen trees, Northern Lights and Huskys. Our flight took us to Kuusamo, a famous skiing location in Finland. From there we made our way up to Ruka where we had our apartment for the next few days. Our goal was to capture beautiful photos of the Riisitunturi and Oulanka National parks. 

The weather forecast, as many times, showed cloudy and snowing days for the whole week. So we wondered whether we can achieve our goal. At least, it looked bad for Northern Lights as the sky was always cloudy. 

On the first day, we went to Oulanka Nationalpark where we have seen pictures of an old mill on the river. The best vantage point was on a narrow suspension bridge where only one person could take photos at the same time. It is a beautiful winter wonder land on this location. 


The second day was very bad weather. It was cloudy and it snowed again and again. So we hoped the weather improves the next day.

On day three, we were really lucky. It was still cloudy, but there was some color in the sky as the clouds were not that thick as on the last day. We drove to Riisitunturi hill and took on our snow shoes and hiked in direction peak. This really was winter wonder land. The trees are frozen and full of snow. It looked like in a fairytale. We spent the whole day in this park.


The very last day before departure was, again, a very bad day. The clouds were low and grey, it was windy and it snowed all the time. Luckily, a day before, we informed us where we can find a husky farm. So, on this day, we tried to capture photos of huskys in action with a sled and we were also able to take some portraits of those wonderful animals. 


After this day, we already had to travel back home. It was not an easy time as photographers due to the difficult weather situation. But at the end, I think, we took some great photos with us. Certainly, I will go back to Finland in winter time. It is really an amazing location. 

I hope you like my photos. I'm always happy to receive comments or constructive feedback. Thanks for reading!